michellehowardlogo.jpgMichelle photo courtesy: Iron Fist Clothing

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee didn't hold back this morning on The Howard Stern Show, talking about everything Jesse James.

McGee tells Stern that she had "sex with Jesse at least four times a night" and "twice a week." When asked about Sandra, she says, "I feel bad for her; I do." According to the mistress, Jesse didn't like discussing his wife Sandra Bullock saying, "He was always, 'I can't talk about it. Shh."

When Howard asked how she met Jesse, she said it all started on MySpace. "I friend requested him and he messaged me back...we talked for about a week before we hung out." She adds, while hanging at the motorcycle shop, they ended up on his "coffin-shaped couch." Scandalous!

As for her infamous swastika tattoo, Michelle jokes, "It was something I did. Young, stupid, naive. I make a really, horrible racist Nazi. I really do. I have too many colored friends."