blonde Mischa Barton party  wine racist Peaches Geldof

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Let's hope she didn't get behind the wheel and drive home after that!

Mischa Barton, 24, attended a party in Beverly Hills on Saturday and mingled with Peaches Geldoff. First off, who knew they were friends! Secondly, Mischa's double-fisting her wine! Take it easy, girl. And thirdly, is that a Confederate flag t-shirt Peaches has on (with a gun necklace dangling over it)? Yup, it def is!

I know Mischa is legally allowed to drink, but the former OC actress has had her few brushes with the law, not to mention her time in rehab. Is drinking in public and hanging with hard-partying socialite Peaches really the best idea?

The answer is no!