sandralogo.jpgSandra Bullock may now have baby Louis home with her here in Los Angeles, but sources who work with adoptions in Louisiana tells X17online exclusively, "She was lucky to get that child."

Sources tell us that when it comes to adoptions in Louisiana "once the birth mom signs her surrender, it's irrevocable." For that reason, we're told many people seeking adoption choose to adopt in The Pelican State.

But could the birth mom ask for the baby back considering Sandra's recent drama? Our adoption source says that "the divorce could complicate the process," especially if the birth mom signed over the child to a married couple. However, in Sandra's case, our source believes she went through a private adoption agency "which is even more costly, but it's usually foolproof" because if the adoption falls through, the agency acts as the legal guardian.

As for Sandra, our source says she's been extremely involved with the community, even donating over a million dollars to Isidore Newman School in New Orleans.
She made the donation while she was filming there for The Blind Side.

Sandra also recently took part in the annual Mardi Gras parade, and our source who spent time with Sandra tells X17online, "She fits in very well with New Orleans. We're laid back here and that's how she is. Not stuck up at all."

We hope despite all the chaos in her life that she gets to keep baby Louis. Girl needs a break.