Brandon Davis jacket denim ago angry drunk greasy bearBrandon Davis jacket denim ago angry drunk greasy bear bdavisfight061410_07-full.jpg

Brandon Davis arrived at Ago last night for an intimate birthday party just looking for a fight -- as soon as he rolled up to the restaurant and heard paparazzi wish him a "happy birthday", he only had one response: "F*ck off!"

Was he that pissed that they got his birthday wrong?

Brandon was clearly agitated at the dinner, repeatedly hurling the F word at cameramen who were shooting from outside the restaurant.

"Get the f*ck out of my face!" he screamed at one photog while a female companion begged him to calm down.

But Brandon wouldn't calm down and things got pretty ugly when Brandon tried to attack a paparazzo outside of the restaurant, but was restrained by a few level-headed friends.

Frustrated, Brandon can be seen punching the top of the car as his friends shoved him inside and drove off before things got any worse.

Seems like someone needs to go to anger management!