Slim Shady has a new album coming out next week - entitled Recovery, about his time spent in rehab - and so he sat down for an interview with The New York Times to discuss his ongoing controversial appeal...

"It's the new tolerant me!" the 37-year-old proclaims. "Anything I’ve ever said, I certainly was feeling at the time. But I think I’ve calmed down a bit. My overall look on things is a lot more mature than it used to be."

Why did he go to rehab? Because he was taking the following: "Vicodin, Valium and Ambien, and toward the end, which caused my overdose, methadone."

And of course, Eminem's gay-bashing lyrics are brought up. The interviewer asks whether or not he'd like to see gay marriage approved.

"I think if two people love each other, then what the hell?" the rapper responds. "I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want."

Hey, at least he sounds more grown-up than before!