Lindsay Lohan fred segal shorts boots top scram weight fat

It's about time!

Now that Lindsay Lohan can't party and bar-hop 24/7, it looks like she's slowly starting to rediscover an old friend: Food!

The sometimes too-thin Hollywood starlet again covered up her SCRAM anklet during a shopping trip to Fred Segal on Melrose this afternoon, but she can't cover up that little bit of extra meat on her thighs. So nice to see LiLo getting some of her curves back!

But a word of warning, Linds: If you're eating around other people that also happen to be drinking, keep any and all alcoholic beverages away from your SCRAM. You don't want someone to spill on you again!

Oh, and check out the video -- we asked Lindsay about reports her assistant quitting but Lilo didn't feel like talking about it ...