Kristen Stewart admits that she's far less "tortured" than Bella in the Twilight series -- well, at least when it comes to her taste in music!

"[Miley Cyrus'] 'The Climb' is my theme song — and I'm sticking to it," Stewart told MTV News.

"I always listen to music, but I had particular music that I listened to on New Moon, but didn't really have to for Eclipse," she explained on how she uses music to get into character. "I just listened to my normal music. Bella's less tortured. She's less conflicted. I mean ... it's the most she's conflicted about the love triangle [but] that happens sort of at the end."

And "normal" for KStew means lots of Miley -- with a little Lady GaGa mixed in!

"[I've] probably [been listening to] a little bit of both," she said.

So that Joy Division tee was just for show?