image courtesy of Markus Klinko and Indrani

Lindsay slammed former friend/alleged lesbian lover Indrani (pictured left) for using her to promote the photographer's new show, Double Exposure, which premieres tonight on Bravo.

"This couldn't be more UNTRUE," Lindsay tweeted, pointing to a synopsis of the premiere episode in which Lindsay is supposedly a "no-show" to her own photoshoot. "Sucks when 'friends' use you(in this case for ratings) even if they're lying #karma."

This isn't the first time Lindsay's been pissed about something Indrani and partner/ex Markus Klinko have said about her in the past.

After Klinko told the press Lindsay and Indrani were definitely seeing each other, Lindsay hit back, saying "No, no, no... In NO way am I dating her."

Yet even now, Indrani is still implying that their relationship was a little more than just friendly or professional.

"She’s someone I got to know, and I enjoy the time we spend together," Indrani told Out. But when asked about her romantic relationship with Lindsay, the photographer played coy. "There’s definitely this … [pauses]… What can I say? I try to keep my relationships private. Let’s leave it at that."

Regardless of what's true or not, Indrani's certainly drumming up a lot of drama -- and her show hasn't even started yet!