Last night Lindsay Lohan met up with her new crush Matt Lanter at Voyeur in Hollywood, and this is the third time this week the duo have hung out, so we have to wonder what's going on here!

On Monday night Lindsay dined with Lanter and several pals at Nobu, and though his rep initially denied the report, multiple sources confirmed that the 90210 cutie was with Lilo, including his pal Lucy, who tweeted all about it the next day! Oops! Lanter's rep then told X17online that he was in fact with the 23-year-old actress, but added that "they didn’t show up together or leave together or ever see one another again." Okay, we can understand why Matt would be reluctant to jump into a relationship with someone like Lindsay, but what about the next two times they hung out!?

On Tuesday night multiple sources told us the two were chatting and flirting at the Nylon mag party at the Mondrian, and though there was no evidence of PDA, Lindsay definitely looked quite enamored with the 27-year-old actor. Last night Lindsay was spotted with Lanter for the third time this week, so even if the two are just friends, Lindsay is clearly pushing for more. Matt is a regulation hottie, so we can totally understand why Lindsay would want to rub up against him with her SCRAM bracelet. Plus, Lindsay Lanter? You know she'd love to have that as her married name...

Maybe Matt just wants to be cautious because he's seen how nutty Lindsay gets with her crushes? After all, this IS the girl who tweets at random (but hot) Tudors stars and publicly vents about feuds with her lesbian lovers (no need to name names), so can you blame him for wanting to keep it low key?

UPDATE - Lindsay just Tweeted this:


Wrong about what? The NOT sleeping together part? I kid, I kid.