lohandrink052510_07FIX.jpgLindsay Lohan and all Kombucha lovers may have to find a new drink of choice ... at least temporarily. The drink, described as "an elixir that immediately works with the body to restore balance and vitality," is vanishing from several high-end supermarkets.

As X17online previously reported, due to the fermentation of the tea in Kombucha, the drink may also contain a trace of alcohol. Well now that "trace" is being investigated.

A source at Whole Foods tells X17online exclusively that Kombucha has been pulled "because it may have more alcohol than what is listed on the label. As a precaution, all of our stores have taken the product out of the store refrigerators. But we're not supposed to notify customers as to why exactly we're not carrying Kombucha at the moment."

Whole Foods isn't the only store being cautious. We've learned Bristol Farms, which usually is stocked with all flavors of Kombucha, has now slowly been removing the drink from their stores, as well.

Just last month after Lindsay was seen carrying her Kombucha drink, X17online spoke to Millennium Products founder G.T. Dave, creator of Synergy Kombucha, who told us exclusively:

    "We are thrilled to be a part of Lindsay's new found healthy lifestyle. But we're not surprised she was photographed carrying our product. She's actually been drinking Kombucha for over a year. Great to see that she's taking her health seriously."

G.T. may be rethinking that statement right about now. It's been widely reported that Lindsay's SCRAM device went off the night of Katy Perry's MTV Awards after-party due to Lindsay's blood-alcohol level being between .03 and .04.

Could Kombucha be to blame? Oh Lilo, have you just ruined this guy's business?

Get ready Snapple, she may be coming to get you next!