scram lindsay

At least she's not trying to hide her controversial behavior!

Hollywood's favorite club kid Lindsay Lohan partied it up in downtown Los Angeles last night until 2am - why? Because that's where EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) was taking place. An annual summer event, the nighttime music carnival is the city's biggest dance party, reportedly packing in over 135,000 people during its two day run last year... which begs the question, should LiLo and her SCRAM anklet really be going to raves?

EDC might be all about the music, and while the carnival is heavily monitored by police, it's no secret that a good number of people in attendance are taking illegal drugs.

Thankfully, Lindsay looked bright and beautiful - and alert! - on her way out. That being said, will her decision to go have fun in this environment appear smart in the eyes of a judge?

scram lindsay

Your nocturnal lifestyle is gonna catch up with you, Linds!