dexjulie460-1.jpgShe's baaaaaaack!

X17online exclusively can confirm that Julie Benz is joining Michael C. Hall once again on Showtime's hit series Dexter ... at least for this episode. We've got the first photos of them on set.

You may recall that Benz, who played Dexter's wife Rita, was killed off the series in last season's finale. Sounds like a flashback situation to us!

Michael C. Hall, who recently suffered a bought with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, is also back to work on the series now that his cancer is in remission. The two Dexter stars filmed today at Delancey Bar and Pizzeria in Hollywood. As for what Julie's exact role is on the upcoming season, the deets are under wraps. But we do know that Julia Stiles has officially joined the cast for Season 5.

However, it's been a busy year for Miss Benz! First Dexter, then her sexy stripper role on Desperate Housewives ... and up next, ABC's new series No Ordinary Family also starring Michael Chiklis.

So great to see her and Dex back together. Loves it!