The drama over the Idol judging panel reached a fever pitch this week, when Ellen Degeneres announced she was quitting American Idol, and now new reports claim that judge Kara DioGuardi has been fired and that the seats left vacant by Cowell, Degeneres and DioGuardi will be filled by Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler!

Deadline Hollywood reports that Jennifer Lopez has signed a contract this week to take over after Ellen bowed out, saying "it hasn't been fun." Although this is quite the surprise, we think Lopez, who has experience as triple-threat performer, singing, acting AND dancing, is a brilliant replacement!

But possibly even more shocking is the announcement that after everyone from Elton John to Justin Timberlake has been mentioned to take over for Simon Cowell, the frontrunner now seems to be Aerosmith's Steven Tyler!

Hmmm... not quite sure how that will work out but we're hopeful.

Poor Kara, whose contract was year-to-year, was not renewed, according to reports.

So that makes the panel a threesome again, with Randy, Jennifer and Steven? We'll def be tuning in to see how that works out!