Smithdramamroe.jpg There's always a new twist...

Yesterday a prosecutor dropped the bombshell that Anna Nicole Smith was a co-conspirator in the actions that have brought Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Howard Stern to trial for over-prescribing drugs to the late star.

Deputy District Attorney Renee Rose said during a pre-trial hearing, "I think it's obvious she was part of the conspiracy because she wanted this medication." However, Superior Court Judge Robert Perry wasn't buying it, as he said he was not going to dismiss any charges against the defendants and added, "It's a surprise to me. It's a different situation if she's orchestrating it." Rose responded, "There's no reason for a doctor to overprescribe if she is not asking for it."

Perry said he fears the defendants will not get a fair trial if the court focuses on Smith's cause of death rather than the drug conspiracy surrounding her two doctors and Stern. "That's not what this case is about," Perry said. "The case is about were they overprescribing and was she addicted."

Jurors are set to return to court Monday for in-depth questioning, and opening statements are scheduled to begin on Wednesday August 4.