caseyaffleckaccused2.jpg Just one week after a female producer came forward with sexual harassment claims against Casey Affleck, a second female worker on the star's upcoming Joaquin Phoenix documentary is suing the filmmaker/actor for sexual harassment.

Cinematographer Magdalena Gorka filed a $2.25 million lawsuit against Affleck yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming that he engaged in a "pattern of harassing behavior and refused to pay or credit her when the abuse forced her to leave the project," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Gorka accuses Affleck of climbing into bed with her and groping her as she slept, and her claims are very similar to those made by Amanda White, the producer who first came forward with harassment claims last Friday.

A spokesman for Affleck will be releasing a statement shortly, and his attorney Marty Singer told THR yesterday that White "continuously used different threats and outrageous demands in order to request compensation she was not legally entitled to receive." Wonder what he'll have to say about Gorka? Her attorney Brian Procel released the following statement: "Ms. Gorka knows there will be repercussions, and that she will be exposed to attacks mounted by Affleck's high-paid publicists and 'bulldog' attorneys. She ultimately decided that the truth needs to come out. We look forward to our day in court."