Jennifer Coolidge New York Comedy Comix Comedy Club One Woman Show Cynthia Nixon Jennifer Coolidge Christine Marinoni New York White Pants Comedy Jennifer Coolidge was practically busting out of her dress after leaving her audience (including SATC's Cynthia Nixon and girlfriend Christine Marinoni) busting up laughing during her standup show last night in NYC.

Some gems overheard at the performance include:

    "Cocaine kicks the sh*t out of Jenny Craig. I'm gonna tell Kirstie Alley about it!"

And, when talking about Brokeback Mountain:

    "No gay director would have had the @ss loving scene right after the bean eating scene."

In this case, we definitely think the actress, who's played the MILF in American Pie and Jane Lynch's girlfriend in Best in Show, should definitely quit her day job ... and become a full-time comedienne!