Halle Berry gatorade hat tank sunglassesHalle Berry showed off her vicious fangs (ok, it was on her tee) as she headed home from the gym yesterday.

It seems all she's been doing lately is hanging out with Nahla and going to the gym! Even a dedicated mother needs to have some fun every once in a while!

Could it be that she's missing her recent ex, Gabriel Aubry?

Berry is apparently dating two men at the moment, but that's not enough to keep her from being "miserable" according to the Toronto Sun. Returning home early one morning after a supposed date, a source spotted Berry "wiping her eyes with a tissue like she'd been crying."

But Halle is rumored to be reuniting with her ex in South Africa, where she's set to start shooting the new film Dark Tide. Aubry will reportedly travel to the African nation in order to help out with Nahla while Berry works.

I guess it's possible they could rekindle their love while in the beautiful country!