leoboxoffice10.jpgSpeaking of movies we want to see, Inception opened this weekend and brought in a whopping $60.4 million, according to studio estimates. This is also the biggest movie opening of Leonardo DiCaprio's career, so congrats to him!

Christopher Nolan's latest masterpiece has been getting great reviews, and Warner domestic distribution President Dan Fellman said the film did extremely well in big coastal cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. Fellman hopes the movie will continue to rake in money after this weekend, and if estimates are correct, the final domestic gross could be around $200 million. Since the film was made for $160 million, that's great news for its backers, but this isn't even taking the global gross into account, as Inception hasn't yet opened in most European cities.

So far, Inception is the summer's biggest debut for a non-franchise film, and we're hoping it will also get some recognition from the awards shows later this year.