heidijen460wm.jpgHeidi Montag and her one-time BFF Jen Bunney will not be starring in their own reality show after all. According to Bunney, Heidi "doesn't want to do it right now." However Miss Bunney, who briefly appeared on The Hills, is planning to star on the small screen all by herself.

Bunney tells X17online exclusively:

    "I've already met with some amazing networks and so far it looks like it's gonna air this winter or early January."

As for the name of her upcoming show involving her last name "Bunney," she tells us:

    "Haha! No, but that's funny. Hopefully a more general name to make room for other characters, and of course, allow Heidi to come back and for the show to focus on her as much as she wants."

Jen also clears up the rumors that she and Heidi are at odds. She adds:

    "We are fine. She is just doing her own thing right now and I'm doing mine. I understand why she doesn't want to do the show. I wouldn't either if I was going through what she is with the marital stuff."

Of course, she's referring to Heidi's marriage issues with now estranged-hubby Spencer Pratt. Miss Bunney also says she's not in any way jealous of Heidi's friendship with the Shannon twins. She tells us, "They are sweethearts."

So what's up with the Shannon twins doing a reality show with Heidi? Their rep tells X17online, "Nope, it's not happening anymore."

Seems that these girls have more drama off-screen than on-screen.