malibu nobu Kelsey Grammer cell phone denim Kelsey Grammer is sounding off regarding reports that claim a he was caught making out with another woman while still married, as well as reports that a Father's Day incident led to the breakup of his marriage.

On his website, Grammer says:

    “When faced with malicious and unfounded rumors, I will defend myself. Some comments have surfaced about Father’s Day. I don’t know who is generating them but the truth is that I did call my kids that evening.

    Frankly, I was surprised that they did not call me in the morning but I was thousands of miles away and working that day so I didn’t give it a second thought. I had texted Camille that morning to wish her Dad a Happy Father’s Day. I hoped that might serve as a reminder. I love my kids and I miss them terribly.”

As for the rumor of him kissing another woman, the actor adds:

    “A rumor from the ‘bottom of the barrel set’ has surfaced about me and a dirty blond at a restaurant in NYC. It was April and we were seen smooching at Five Napkin Burger. The dirty blond was my daughter Spencer, who was visiting that entire month. I do take issue with the characterization that we were smooching but surely if that were the case then even I admit it might be newsworthy in some fashion.

    Certainly, the time will come when I do see another woman. I expect Camille to see other men. I hope people and the press will understand that we are both free to carry on with our lives. I ask that everyone remain discreet for the sake of our children; I will certainly do so.

    Lastly, Camille and I had been discussing the possibility of a separation for some time before all this happened. She finally decided she should file,” he concluded. “I respect her for this decision. I mean her no harm. I hope to have a great partnership with her in the raising of our children. I have always been proud to be their Dad; I have always been very involved in their lives. Ask anyone that knows us.”

Grammer and his wife Camille are currently going through a divorce after 13 years of marriage.

Yesterday, we caught a surprisingly upbeat Grammer on his way into lunch in Malibu.