Lindsay Lohan has a hot date tomorrow -- not with her new girlfriend Eilat Anschel, but rather with Judge Marsha Revel, for allegedly violating her probation stemming from her arrests in 2007.

There are a number of issues for Judge Revel to take into consideration -- from Lindsay's SCRAM going off on June 6 to her previously missed alcohol education classes, we wouldn't be surprised if Lindsay was given a harsh sentence, such as a few days (or even a few weeks!) in jail. Though Lindsay's urine test came back negative the day after her alcohol-monitoring anklet went off at an MTV Movie Awards afterparty, it still raises the question of whether Lindsay could have been drinking at the time. Lindsay has been wearing the SCRAM bracelet since her March 24 hearing, and though there haven't been any other slip ups (or failed random drug tests) since then, Judge Revel could also nail Lindsay for missing her court-required checkup on May 20. Despite the fact that she mysteriously lost her passport, Lindsay does have proof that she purchased tickets for a return flight the day before her hearing, but given how stern Judge Revel has been with her, we doubt the display of good faith alone will be enough to get Lindsay out of this.

Yet another issue is the fact that as of her May 20 and May 24 court dates, the actress had only completed 8 of her 11 required alcohol education classes at Right On Programs in Glendale, and even though she's been attending the classes religiously since then, it's just something else the judge could use against her.

There's been some buzz that Lindsay may be headed to Paris for fashion week, so assuming she doesn't get sentenced to a few days in the slammer, we're guessing she's going to find some excuse to hop on the first flight to France and party it up with all the other stars who are already there. I mean, she DOES have a fashion line, so if Judge Revel wants to get technical, a trip to Paris is work related as far as Linds is concerned! But will her SCRAM bracelet be taken off? Or will she be forced to wear it for the rest of the summer?

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