lohanphonepiclogo.jpgMichael Lohan is currently pursuing the doctors that have been prescribing his daughter Lindsay with, what he calls, "unnecessary drugs." However, that's not the only legal issue he's dealing with right now. Lohan is also gearing up to file civil and criminal charges against his now ex-fiancee Kate Major.

Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "Kate now owes me over $40-thousand dollars that she stole from our corporate bank account. As for the criminal charges, she's threatened to kill me. And yes, I'm still getting a restraining order against her because she's crazy. I don't want her anywhere near me."

Just last week, Kate Major filed a police report in Southampton, NY, claiming Lohan had abused her. Police then charged him with 2nd degree harassment.

As for the photos floating around showing Kate Major's arm in a sling, Lohan tells X17online, "She sold those pictures for money. Give me a break. It's all an act. She's desperate for cash."