Hmm, good or bad idea? And do you think the actor would even consider it?

Michael Lohan gave a radio interview with Nashville's 107.5 The River today to talk about, that's right, his incarcerated daughter Lindsay Lohan. And apparently he thinks RDJ and co. can help her! The father explains:

    "My people are reaching out to Robert Downey Jr. and to Mark Wahlberg. I know both of them and Mark is a tremendous human being. Hopefully they'll see her before she gets out and she'll get in this rehab and get off these prescription meds, and she'll get her life back."

Say what you will, but this is the best idea Michael's had in a while! Lindsay's problems started earlier, but RDJ is that one shining example of a struggling Hollywood talent people have continuously rooted for despite his mishaps. LiLo might actually get it together if she has a serious heart-to-heart with him! Not so sure about Mark Wahlberg though.

Could this be that one bit of hope we've all been waiting for? Is Robert Downey Jr. the one to save Lindsay Lohan?