ronaldologo230.jpgCristiano Ronaldo shelled out some major cash to a surrogate mother to have his little baby boy. The infant was conceived by the surrogate last summer in San Diego while Ronaldo was there on vacation, according to The Daily Mail.

Katia Aveiro, Ronaldo's sister, says her brother was "very happy about becoming a father." Aveiro says the little boy, weighing 9lbs 8oz, is the spitting image of his father with brown eyes and brown hair. She adds, "He's very happy, of course! Who isn't happy having children? The baby looks like him, although he's still very small to see what his features will be like."

Various reports claim that the soccer champ fathered the child after a fling with an American woman who was paid loads of cash to stay quiet. Ronaldo's camp denies these claims.

The baby's name has not been revealed, but according to television channel RTP, he will be called Ronaldo Junior.