rehabforlindsay.jpg can report EXCLUSIVELY that Lindsay Lohan spent her first night in rehab last night -- at attorney Robert Shapiro's rehabilitation facility Pickford Lofts. The sober living house was started by the famed OJ Simpson attorney after he lost his son Brent to the disease of chemical dependence in 2005.

Lindsay was visited yesterday by her mom Dina, sister Ali, her ex Samantha Ronson, her assistant Eleanor, and her rumored-to-be new girlfriend Eilat Anschel.

Eleanor brought in pillows and bags from Blick art supply, a case of Sprite and toilet paper. Sam showed up around 10 pm and stayed for 45 minutes.

Shapiro still has not confirmed he will represent Lindsay in a possible appeal to Judge Marsha Revel's 90-day jail term sentence for Lohan's violation of probation. But is it his plan to get her into rehab so the court feels she's making an effort to get better so that Revel will reduce the jail term or possibly reverse it in favor of an in-patient sobriety program?