mlohan070810reh.jpgMichael Lohan couldn't be happier that his daughter, Lindsay, is now in rehab. However, he wishes Dina would have made this happen sooner.

Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "Why is that I had to cry from the mountain for Lindsay to listen to me, and now finally she is doing what I said? None of this would have happened, if Lindsay and Dina had. I was telling Dina and Lindsay this PRIVATELY for years now. I just pray that they implement everything else I said, like getting clean off ALL meds, asking the court to go to rehab first and then reevaluate Lindsay's incarceration, cleaning house and picking ALL new friends and management, and FINALLY that DINA put her motives aside and she go to counseling with Lindsay and me. I think Mr Shapiro will agree with my suggestions, since unfortunately, he has been down this road as well."