richieringcheating.jpgNicole Richie gym work out ring drive

Nicole Richie was still wearing her enormous engagement ring yesterday in the midst of rumors fiance and baby daddy Joel had been unfaithful.

A source tells X17online exclusively that not only is Nicole standing by her man, but that she plans on meeting with attorneys today to consider filing suit against the tabloid who claimed Joel stepped out on her while in Palm Beach last May. (A claim their "source" later denied.)

But even though Joel may not be cheating on Nicole, their relationship isn't completely on solid ground either.

    "It's rocky for them," our source tells us. "Nicole has been sleeping at her mom's and having her Dad spend the night with her so she can get a little help with the kids. Joel is not home because he's on the road and in the studio working on his new record."

Does that mean plans for their wedding have been put on hold? Our source says, "It will happen when it happens. They are really waiting on Sparrow just to get a little bit bigger so he can take part and understand."

So although things may be "rocky", Nicole is clearly not ready to give back the ring just yet.

With a rock that size, I wouldn't be too eager to return it either!