Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina is speaking out for the first time since Lindsay was released from jail early this morning and she wants the world to know that her daughter is "in good hands."

"Lindsay is doing well, and is appreciative of the hundreds of well-wishers she has received," Dina told Radar. "Lindsay is with the utmost professionals and is in very good hands."

And even though Lindsay was escorted straight from prison to rehab, as X17online reported this morning, one perk of being at the UCLA Medical Center is that Dina no longer has to communicate with Lindsay through thick glass.

"I was finally able to hug my daughter [last night] after two long weeks of speaking to her from behind a glass wall," Dina said.

Lindsay is currently on day one of her 90-day rehab sentence. The starlet had planned on attending the posher Morningside facility in Newport Beach until the last-minute switch to UCLA. It's rumored that Lindsay is in the psychiatric ward of UCLA Medical Center, a tough, lock-down facility that her father described as "like being in jail again."