Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan told Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning that she thinks Judge Marsha Revel was too harsh in her sentencing of Lindsay because Lilo was working on fulfilling her court-mandated drug and alcohol classes: "I think she went overboard and played serious hardball with Lindsay... [She didn't deserve jail] for this particular offense. She violated... actually, didn't violate... she was in for missing a couple of classes that she made up, and she was working at the time. The judge went overboard and put her in serious lockdown for two weeks."

Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail and served 12 days before being transferred to UCLA Medical Center where she is now.

When asked how Lindsay is doing in rehab, Dina said: "She's great. She's been through a lot. The judge played hardball. Lindsay was in prison with alleged murderers, and she's become friends with a lot of them. Lindsay's rolled with the punches and she's doing wonderfully."

Dina says the problems began when Lindsay moved out to LA at 19 and began partying -- and she didn't roll with the punches but instead, got herself into trouble: "As a parent -- and you're a parent -- you have to let them go a little bit, and when she went out to Los Angeles when she was 19, I had to let her go and live and fall and fail and survive. Without failure, there's no success. I was there in close proximity, but you can't make your child not go out and go to a club and not get behind the wheel of a car. I certainly can't condone her behavior... I put her in rehab."

Dina denies Lindsay has been in rehab four times, claiming it has been only twice. She goes on to say that Lindsay's father Michael doesn't speak to any of the kids and calls him a "criminal."

She defends her own parenting saying she was in show business herself and would welcome the opportunity of any of her other kids to enter the business.