She loves her little monsters!

Lady Gaga kicked off her Monster Ball 2.0 tour in Los Angeles at the Staples Center last night and wowed her fans and critics alike - at over two hours, the 24-year-old puts on an electric rock opera filled with 19 songs (some new!) and tons of glorious costumes. The pop culture extravaganza, which has a Cinderella/Dorothy fairy tale theme running through, proves just what a hard-working artist Gaga is...

Some choice quotes include when Beyonce "called" LG and Gaga said, "you slut!" Later LG noticed some freaky costumes in the audience and yelled: "You skeletons are creeping me the f*ck out!"

And what celebs were in attendance? Oh just a young lady named Britney Spears! Not to mention Tobey Maguire and his wife. Round two is tonight!

He ate my heart. He a-a-ate my heart!