Frances Bean Cobain, who recently turned 18 and inherited 40% of her late father's multi-million dollar estate, was spotted landing at LAX toting Erich Fromm's The Sane Society.

With a mother like Courtney Love, who recently went off on her daughter via Twitter, we're not suprised FBC would be looking for a little sanity!

But she may find it in an unlikely place. Even though Frances is now free from her grandmother's custody, she's said to be moving in with her "bohemian grandmother": 60s Brit rocker Marianne Faithfull.

Even though she's got more than enough money to buy her own place in Paris, Frances is set to move into the singer's Parisian pad to concentrate on her art, says The Sun.

Looking dramatically thinner and with several new tattoos, Frances channeled the grunge style her parents made so famous in the 90s.

Frances, who still has a restraining order against her mother, has good timing. Her estranged mother Courtney Love is currently on a tour of Europe with her band, Hole.