Bradley Cooper hat jeans sunglasses

I'm the only person on the face of the earth who waited so long to see The Hangover. I just finished watching it (in 25-minute increments over 5 days) last night and now I know what all the hype was about where Bradley Cooper's concerned ... he's HOT in that movie. Why? His hair!

I'm a total sucker for that style he had in the movie -- longish, wavy, curling up at the edges and just floppy enough that he has to run his hand through the front of his 'do every once in a while.

So I'm going to officially start the campaign here ...

Dear Bradley Cooper,

Some of your fans feel strongly about you growing your hair out a la The Hangover. If you have other roles coming up that prevent you from doing so, we understand. But frankly, we think any movie producer and any film director would be smart to have you return to this look in their picture. We're watching; we're waiting. We'd be so happy if you'd oblige and we're sure Renee would appreciate it too.

Your hair-obsessed fans