Kat Von D is dishing on her relationship with Jesse James just one day after confirming that they were a couple via Twitter (and then taking it back.)

"Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean, 'Oh, you guys are a perfect match,'" Kat, who looks a lot like James' tattooed fling Michelle McGee, told KROQ's Kevin & Bean. "I think that I'm his type on a different level than people would assume." Wife Sandra Bullock was definitely NOT his usual type (at least physically) so we can't help but wonder if Kat's trying to say she's a better fit for Jesse than his most recent ex!

Kat also says that Jesse's past relationship history doesn't bother her. "I am a believer that we're all human and we're all capable of making mistakes," she said. "I think if I were to be crucified for my drug addiction three years ago now, it would be hard to live with that. I'm sober now, and it's awesome. But I have made mistakes, too."

Even though Kat wouldn't talk about why she deleted her tweet about the relationship, she did say why she wrote it. "I try to respond to kids and fans and this one girl said 'Are you with Jesse James? I think we’re entitled to know since you’re putting yourself out there.' And I was like, no and that’s a false sense of entitlement. Just because I’m on TV doesn’t mean that I have to report to people."

So why do it in the first place?