Mia Farrow says Naomi Campbell lied about accepting blood diamonds from warlord Charles Taylor.

Campbell testified that she received several small "dirty-looking stones" from two men at a September 1997 dinner that was hosted by South Africa's former leader, Nelson Mandela. Naomi said she didn't know if the men who gave her the gift were connected to the former Liberian ruler, who is currently on trial for war crimes.

Mia Farrow, who was also at the dinner, said in testimony today, “Naomi Campbell entered the room where my children and I were already eating breakfast. As I recall it she was quite excited and said, in effect, 'oh my god, in the middle of night I was awakened by knocking at the door. It was men sent by Charles Taylor and he sent me', as I recall, 'a huge diamond.”

She added, “Her demeanour seemed excited. She seemed excited, happy.” And even Farrow's children agree with their mother. “I also discussed it with my children, who remember exactly the same thing,” she said. “It was an unforgettable moment. I remember when she came in on the breakfast and said she received a diamond from Charles Taylor.”

This of course disputes testimony by Campbell who claims she was given three small "dirty stones" as opposed to a giant diamond.

“I did not see the diamonds. I can only tell you what Naomi Campbell said. That’s what I recall to the best of my abilities,” Mia said.

Both Naomi and Mia testified during the indictment in The Hague.