Mel Gibson's ex Oksana Grigorieva is apparently in talks to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

Oksana, who's currently embroiled in an intense war with Mel over the custody of their young daugther Lucia, 7 months, that has turned into accusations of assault and extortion, is said to have been close to a deal to appear on the hit ABC show.

Apparently the talks were masterminded by Grigorieva's former publicist, Howard Bragman, according to Radar, which would not only provide her with a nice chunk of change, but a potential boost to her image.

“Oksana has left on the table a potential appearance on Dancing With The Stars,” a source close to the negotiations said. “It would have given her a lot of money, not violated the gag order and promoted her as a talented musician, all while softening her public image in front of more than 40 million viewers each week.”

It remains to be seen if Oksana will go through with the deal.

In other Oksana news, text messages sent by Mel the night after their alleged fight were recently leaked.

"I'm drowning in self doubt and depression. And pure rage," one of them read.

Trying to strengthen her abuse claim against him, Oksana is also claiming she witnessed Mel hit his son Tommy, and alleges that Gibson also abused ex-wife Robyn during their 29-year marriage.