But even though LiLo has been either behind bars or in rehab at UCLA the past couple of weeks, SamRo seems to be doing okay on her own!

The popular DJ had the "best birthday ever" over the weekend - aw, good for her! And then we spotted Samantha out on the town last night but she was looking mighty lonely. Maybe because she was missing Lindsay? You never know! At least the evening before was a blast, according to the following Tweet:


Sometimes it's better if you can't remember all the fuzzy details!

And if SamRo is missing LiLo, she only has to wait until September 1st to see her - Lindsay will have been in rehab for 30 days by then and is therefore allowed to have visitors other than her family members. About 22 days to go!

That should perk up Sam, right? And I'm sure Linds is just as eager to see her... right?