Snooki can stop Sknookin' for love because she's finally found her perfect guy, a man who thinks she's a "cool @ss person, even though she's drunk most of the time!"

Snooki was recently arrested for disorderly conduct after being hauled off the beach while drunk, and said that she was going tone the drinking down a bit. But luckily she didn't cut it out all together or she never would have met Mr. Right!

Snooki and Jeff Miranda, a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran, met last Friday at a local Seaside Heights bar, where they hit it off.

"It was almost like an instant connection, Miranda says. "Nicole is actually really cute ... She's a real sweet girl."

"The way the show depicts her and makes her seem is totally not her," Miranda told Us. "She honestly has one of the biggest hearts...She is really not how everybody thinks she is."

So can this Jersey boy hang with the New Yorker? "I just want a fair chance to see if anything really does come out of it," Jeff says. "We were talking about this becoming a long-term thing. She wanted me to meet her dad, she said her mom would love me."

But don't count on seeing their romance play-out on screen anytime soon. "I'm going to tell her we can still see each other low key without anybody knowing, we won't do anything on footage. When Jersey Shore is done filming, we start it back up again full force." Um, that's great, Jeff, but don't you think you should tell her that?