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So what a lot of you outside of LA don't know is that in many cases, the publicists who rep the stars are actually hotter than the stars themselves! And we just got a look at a few of the castmembers for the upcoming E! reality show The Spin Crowd and they're no exception!

We already knew about Jonathan Cheban -- the hot, hip owner of Command PR and Kim Kardashian's BFF but who knew his right-hand man Simon Huck was so tall and so delish?! And here's where we're gonna break it down for you ... the hot chick is Erika Ledesma. Her position at Command is her first job and Jonathan supposedly hired her, despite her lack of experience, because he sees himself in her -- someone with a strong moral compass who's looking to succeed. But JC's looking to make Erika a teensy bit cooler, hence this shopping trip yesterday on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The Spin Crowd promises drama and more (it debuts E! August 22). Oh, and did I mention Kim K's producing?! Yeah!