heidispencesteven460.jpgThe quest for the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sex tape continues.

Steven Hirsch, the president of Vivid Entertainment, confirms to X17online that he will be traveling to Costa Rica for a meeting with Spencer to discuss finances pertaining to the distribution of the tape.

Spencer has joked about the tape through several Twitter messages.


Saturday night, Hirsch spoke to X17online about the sex tape saying:

    "The potential for the Heidi tape would be through the roof... We bring them out to the marketplace, but after that it's up to the star and the things that they do after the tape is released that really tells the story just how well they do."

Karissa Shannon, a former Playboy playmate, has confirmed to X17online that a raunchy tape does exist featuring she and Heidi Montag, but Shannon doubts Spencer has it. Various online reports claim that Spencer has thrown out $5 million as a potential offer for the XXX material he currently possesses. Question is ... would you want to watch?