Brody Jenner, Avril Lavigne hat sunglasses blonde couple cute legsAvril Lavigne and Brody Jenner seem to be madly love, but sources close to the couple tell X17online exclusively that Brody is ONLY with Avril for the fame. In fact, they've even taken to calling the reality star "Avril's K-Fed!"


The singer is trying to keep their love affair on the down low, but Brody is doing anything he can to draw attention to their romance, says our source.

In addition to getting matching tattoos and shaving an "A" into the side of his head, the source says that even though Brody previously denied it, he's secretly been shopping a reality show about the couple. In fact, our source reveals it was all set up with Ryan Seacrest Productions... but fell apart when Avril refused. (Calls to RSP were not immediately returned.)

But that's not all he's doing to capitalize on their relationship.

    "Brody isn't working right now," says our source. "He still gets offers for hosting celebrity club events, but because he is not a big star he only gets paid $10 000 per appearance. But Brody is quite smart at getting as much as he can out of his fame before it runs out -- His latest idea is that if he can get Avril to go with him to club events that he gets paid to host , he will get paid 4 or 5 times as much money. $50,000 instead of $10,000 because Avril is a much bigger star!"

    "It worked for Sam Ronson when she took Lindsay Lohan with her to DJ gigs," our source continued, "so he thinks it can work for him!"

Avril's pals are secretly laughing at the fame-hungry Brody behind her back. But when will the Punk Princess wise up and ditch her Prince of Malibu?