doclilo460.jpgDr. Edlund photo courtesy of his website

Lindsay Lohan has revealed her book of choice ... The Power of Rest by Dr. Matthew Edlund.

The self-help book focuses on The Power of Rest’s 30 Day, step-by-step program which "helps you actively direct all that rebuilding and regrowth. Each day you learn new, enjoyable techniques, most of which can be done in less than a minute – anytime and anywhere you choose."

X17online exclusively spoke with Dr. Edlund to hear his hopes for the 24-year-old actress who is currently in rehab:

    "I just hope it’s useful for her. Rest is rejuvenation. It's a way for people to not just get centered, but to live with stability. She’s a young person, and if she learns to rejuvenate herself, then she'll be fully capable of coming back like Robert Downey Jr. did. She’s got to get off drugs. She has to connect with someone larger than herself. It’s really hard when you're addicted to get back to a normal life. Lindsay needs structure to be the creative person she once was. This is a crazy, crazy life ... one that has been in the public eye since she was a little girl. I really want her to recognize what her body is meant to do. Physical, mental and social rest: she needs all three. I’d be more than willing to talk to her to help get her life back."

Thirty days of rest is the focus ... just about the amount of time until Lindsay's next court date on October 22nd. We'll see if Lilo takes Dr. Edlund's advice.