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Brandon Davis was almost arrested outside of Voyeur last night after he began throwing things from his car at a fellow club goer.

Davis and the man were getting into a verbal altercation outside of Brandon's car, when things got agitated and Brandon threw something at the man.

That's when an off-duty cop stepped in and asked Davis, "Wanna go to jail?" Of course, Brandon's reply was "no," so the cop told him to apologize!

Brandon humbly said "I'm sorry" to the man, and implored the officer to give them a break.

But when the officer threatened to call the West Hollywood Sheriff to come arrest Brandon for throwing something (which the off-duty cop said was "illegal"), Davis tried to tell the driver to "leave" quickly before they got into any more trouble!

The whole thing started when Brandon allegedly pushed and ripped the shirt of a fellow club-goer as they were leaving Voyeur. Bad manners!