Angelina Jolie's father Jon Voight is defending Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's boyish way of dressing, marveling at the fact that a 4-year-old can have that much style, whether it's masculine or feminine!

"I look at the way she dresses and she has a style," Voight told Us. "And she's only 4-years old! I'm going, 'What!?'"

Although many people are looking at her and going "What!?", Jon thinks many are making too big of a deal out of the fact that Angie and Brad allow her to express herself in that way.

"Shiloh chooses everything she wears, so she's an amazing person," he said. "The press, they're going to make a lot of stuff about it, but she's incredible."

Do you think Shiloh's styling is "incredible" for a 4-year-old or is she just playing dress-up?