lindsaygunmachetepic.jpgPhoto courtesy of FilmTotaal

Forget the nun outfit for a second!

In her first theatrical feature film in three years, 24-year-old recently rehabilitated actress Lindsay Lohan sexes her way through Machete as a drug addled webcam star turned gun-toting nun. Not a bad character arc considering LiLo has a mere ten minutes of screen time!

The troubled blonde spoofs herself in the B-movie flick, playing an exaggerated version of her wild child persona... and even goes so far as stripping off her top for a not-so-brief nude scene! But did Lindsay's nudity (her first time baring all for a film, FYI) help lure a crowd to the movie theater?

Despite the fact that many of our readers voted "yes!" when we asked if they wanted to see LiLo go topless in Machete back in January, the action satire came in at number three at the box office opening weekend with only $11.3 million. Not that the underwhelming news soured Lindsay's positive mood, but still! And currently, Machete has risen above Takers and holds the number two B.O. spot. Perhaps LiLo's cheery attitude motivated more ticket buyers?

Regardless, was this too-close-to-reality role the right choice for Lindsay Lohan's career? Or, quite simply, was it a job she just had to take because she wasn't getting offers anywhere else?