This probably won't help his plan to run for mayor!

According to a survey conducted by Public Police Polling, young Levi Johnston is the "most unpopular person PPP has polled in any state." Ouch!

Last year's champ? Former Senator John Edwards. Ouch again!

Levi received a whopping 72% unfavorable rating, and only 6% of Alaskans "see him in a positive light."

Poor guy. Or maybe he can spin this somehow? Er, right. You know Sarah Palin is somehow behind this... she probably voted multiple times!

So much for being the next mayor!


Meanwhile, Levi's babymama Bristol Palin has been practicing her Dancing With the Stars moves lately in a variety of "sexy" workout outfits.

One too many sweatshirts I think! Maybe Bristol ought to hire a stylist to workshop her signature look?