liloinfernorumors.jpg Jordan Gertner, producer of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, has spoken to X17online to confirm that they're sticking by Lindsay Lohan's side when it comes to making the movie.

Gertner told X17online exclusively, "Lindsay's our Linda Lovelace. We're committed to have Lindsay in the movie. Our lead actress is currently not available, so we'll continue to change our schedule until she is."

When asked about internet rumors that actresses Elisha Cuthbert and Taryn Manning were possible replacements for Lindsay, Gertner said those reports are "completely and utterly untrue."

So what about production moving to California to accommodate Lindsay and her legal troubles? "We haven't decided on a shooting location, but it will all depend on Lindsay," Gertner told us. At least Lindsay has her first post-rehab job lined up!