Last night was Lindsay's first official return to the spotlight since she spent over a month away from the public eye (first in jail and then in rehab.) And after her amusing appearance in the VMA opener with Chelsea Handler, Lilo is said to be in talks to do more tv skits, this time as the host of Saturday Night Live.

Lindsay previously hosted SNL back in 2004, and again in 2006, at the height of her career. In fact, some of our favorite sketches from recent history are the ones with Lindsay (Hermione's expanding boobs anyone?) And sources tell the NY Daily News that she's wanting to make the third time the charm with an appearance on the famed NBC show on December 4th.

In fact, Lindsay sat out last night's VMAs, appearing only in a pre-taped segment as she spent time in New York. Is the SNL deal what she was there to discuss?

Even though she's proved her comedic chops on SNL and films like Mean Girls, as Lindsay's personal life was put into turmoil, she began choosing darker roles like the ones in Georgia Rule and I Know Who Killed Me.

And it looked as if Lilo's post-rehab roles were going to continue in the dramatic vein (her brief appearance in Machete notwithstanding) with a turn as porn-star Linda Lovelace in Inferno, but now it seems she's going to return to the medium that made her so loved in the first place -- comedy!

It would be a great way to show Hollywood that she's capable of a return to the spotlight. After all, a 90 minute live show is no small feat, but one Lindsay's already conquered twice before.

Of course, Lindsay's still required to meet with her parole officer on a weekly basis here in LA and attend alcohol education classes and 12-step meetings, but she's on track to complete those in November, which would leave her wide open for a December show.

A spokesperson for SNL said, "We never comment on upcoming hosts until they're announced," but if Lilo plays her cards right, this could be the comeback of her career.