Naomi Campbell Paris Ritx Hotel France Naomi Campbell clutched her laptop as she headed back to her hotel in Paris with billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin.

Naomi, who's been known to toss a cell phone or two at assistants, was clutching her computer like a weapon! That would be a pretty painful thing to get thrown in your face!

But Naomi's passed all that now, isn't she?

In fact, she's so moving on from her old self that she and former BFF Kate Moss are no longer even speaking to each other!

Kate was noticeably absent from last week's Dolce & Gabbana party celebrating Naomi Campbell’s 25 years in the industry, which was London Fashion Week's biggest event.

But pals say that Naomi is over Kate and her partying ways after Moss was rude to guests at a charity fashion show Naomi organized last year.

"Kate was a little worse for wear that night," a source tells the Daily Mail. "Naomi wasn’t impressed. She wants to dedicate herself to good causes and there’s some feeling that Kate drags her down."