megancristianoarmani.jpgCourtesy Armani

Armani Underwear spokesbodies Megan Fox and Cristianio Ronaldo are giving us just a little tease of their sexy new Armani ads in these just released clips.

In an video entitled "The Tip," Newlywed Megan answers the door to her hotel room wearing nothing but her Armani underwear, natch, and one very lucky room service guy is instructed by Fox-y to "put it over by the window."

As for Ronaldo, a hotel maid gets a sexy sneak peek at the soccer star when he leaves the bathroom wearing only his Armani briefs in the clip called "Housekeeping."

We'll have to wait until September 15th to see the rest of the sexy stories, but if you're in Toronto, you can catch Megan and her main man as they traveled to the Canadian film festival to promote her recent movie with Mickey Rourke, Passion Play.

jeans Megan Fox airport boobs hot lax hand bag luggage Megan left LAX yesterday with an extremely shiny face. I guess she really wanted to hydrate before getting on that plane!