Like this isn't every tween fan's dream! Let's break it down: Disney sweet-tart Miley Cyrus is suddenly single, Justin Bieber does like older women and don't think a.) it's impossible or b.) that it's never happened before...

Remember Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake? When they united, the two pop stars - also roughly one year apart in age - became Hollywood's hottest young power couple!

Take a look at the facts. Earlier this week, Justin admitted his dream co-star for the Grease remake: none other than Ms. Miley! "She can sing, dance and act. I would go for Miley Cyrus without hesitation," he declared. If that isn't crushing then I dunno what is.

Then last night, Miley showed up onstage with Justin for his big MSG concert (which was being filmed for the tween star's upcoming 3-D biopic), sending both of their fans into a frenzy. According to reports, the crowd went wild whenever the two made any sort of physical contact with each other. Hey, wouldn't you?


Miley and Justin even went on a dinner date together (see right) back in May of this year, but Bieber insisted they were "just hanging out." Of course, Miley was also dating Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth at the time and now she's not!

Don't they sound like a perfect fit? They have everything in common! Plus she's slightly older and knows the biz that much better, and as for Justin, well, Justin replaced the Jonas brothers... one of which was Miley's first love!

So, should Miley Cyrus date Justin Bieber? Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake 2.0!